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Transport League release "A Million Volt Scream" today

It doubtlessly takes a lot of mental strength to stay on your chosen path, despite all the imponderables that the music industry entails. TRANSPORT LEAGUE, from Sweden, is a prime example of determination and perseverance. As the critics’ faves, they have been praised to the skies, as a down-to-earth band they’ve always remained in tune with the times and close to their fans, while their rhythmic, powerful and stylistically diverse heavy metal has left an impressive mark on the international hard’n’heavy scene.

Transport League release today their new album “A Million Volt Scream” through Mighty Music. Now, everybody will be able to understand why the media like to refer to the group’s style by the album title of its 2014 release: BOOGIE FROM HELL!

Line-up: Tony Jelencovich – Guitar / Vocals Peter Hunyadi – Guitar Mattias Starander – Drums Dennis Österdal – Bass

"A Million Volt Scream" is released on CD, vinyl LP and digital formats.

The release is available at:


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