WIND ROSE Releases New Single & Official Video, “Drunken Dwarves”

Dwarven Army WIND ROSE add another chapter to their epic, story-filled new album, Wintersaga, by releasing “Drunken Dwarves” today via Napalm Records. The track follows the release of their popular first single, “Diggy Diggy Hole”, which recently crossed five million views on YouTube. “Drunken Dwarves” talks about exactly what the name suggests: drunken, mead-filled nights, starting a tavern brawl, and singing and partying until they fall (asleep, hopefully).

WIND ROSE on “Drunken Dwarves”:



You sang, you danced and you drank all over Europe on this song with us, now your request has been heard and answered.

“Drunken Dwarves” will blow you away among rivers of beer, mead and metal!”

The new video takes us to a tavern in Middle Earth where our favorite dwarven army is giving a concert in a small, rustic tavern with many spectators. In true dwarf-fashion, they feast, drink and enjoy the concert, but behold – an old enemy nears. Will he be accepted into the midst of the dwarves to be able to enjoy the concert or will his story end quite differently? Find out for yourself and join the dwarven party!

Watch “Drunken Dwarves”


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