DEMONHEAD Release New Album "Black Devil Lies"

Black Devil Lies an embodiment of the adversity Demonhead faced since 2015’s debut album Bring on the Doom. Losing drummer Dave Godfrey (Meshiaak) was quickly followed by guitarist Rüe almost dying and needing emergency surgery to save his life. "His health was so bad that we thought the band wasn’t going to continue", says frontman David Lowes. He continues: "everyone in the band had been facing adversity over and Black Devil Lies is a metaphor for the dark thoughts that linger behind the surface and make us question ourselves and our existence." Demonhead went into semi-permanent hiatus until 2017 when Rue’s health improved and the band reformed with Dean (ex Horizon’s Edge) coming into the fold. Demonhead have taken all of the negativity and channeled it into a darker and heavier sound while still retaining the melodic sensibilities of their earlier work. The song writing is more focused and while you can still hear the riff driven influences of early Metallica and grooves of Pantera, they have combined their traditional metal roots with the epicness of Thin Lizzy, the darkness of stoner/doom and the death punk attitude and catchiness of Turbonegro. Formed in 2007, heavily influenced by their punk rock roots. Their first release (EP) Demonology 101 (2010), was a raw metal/punk crossover. After numerous setbacks and line up changes, the band finally released their follow up and debut album, Bring on the Doom (2015). This showcased a more focused sound, better production and a maturing band. 2019 marks the release of their Sophomore album Black Devil Lies, recorded by Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios.

Demonhead is:

Dave Lowes – Guitar/Vocals Rüe Power – Guitar Dean Lewer – Drums Azz Mammoth – Bass/backing vocals


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