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Lou DiBello Releases New Album "American Hard Rock"

The new album from Lou DiBello, 'American Hard Rock', is Lou's fifth solo release, and features more hot, signature lead guitar playing, and hook laden, riff oriented song writing. With six vocal tunes, and three instrumentals, including a smoking cover of the Edgar Winter classic 'Frankenstein', the album is a logical progression from Lou's 2017 'Heat Wave' release, and features the return of bassist Mike LePond (Symphony X, Ross The Boss) on two songs, and guest vocalist Carsten Schulz appearing again for the NWOBHM influenced 'Beast Mode: Engage'. Every song is a winner! Influences for the album: AC/DC, Michael Schenker, Frank Marino, Saxon, Ratt Track Suggestions: The Nighttime Is The Right Time Beast Mode: Engage BIO: Lou DiBello is a true veteran of rock and roll, and the live stage. With over 3,000 gigs under his belt, 5 solo albums released, and work with many bands over the years, Lou displays a genuine artistry, combined with experience and professionalism, in every performance and recording. Lou's new album, 'American Hard Rock', is the culmination of his career to this point. Since 2017, after leaving ESP, the group he founded in 1994, Lou has pursued his goal as a solo artist. Releasing the extremely well received 'Heat Wave' that year, Lou began to generate a buzz among guitar lovers and rock and metal fans. The appearance of legendary guitarsist Ross 'The Boss' on 'Heat Wave' gave some instant credibility, and many great reviews helped generate an undercurrent of something special. Since then Lou has honed new material, and his playing in general, with nearly 300 shows in the last two years. The new album showcases Lou at his very best playing to date, with touches of Michael Schenker, Angus Young, Frank Marino, and Gary Moore appearing at different times, but all sounding very unique and recognizable as Lou's unmistakeable playing. Fans of these players, and of bands like Saxon, Judas Priest, Ratt, AC/DC and more, will find a lot to like on 'American hard Rock'!

Band Line-Up:

Lou DiBello – Guitar, bass, vocals Ron Phelps – Drums Stacey Krejci – Bass (4,9) keyboards Bobby Whiles – Drums (1,5,6) Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz – lead and backing vocal (6) Mike LePond – Bass (1,6) CD Track Listing: 1 - Driving Force 2 - Jack and Coke 3 - Walk Through The Fire 4 - Love Is Blind 5 - Flying High 6 - Beast Mode: Engage 7 - The Nighttime Is The Right Time 8 - I Love You 9 - Frankenstein (Edgar Winter)

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