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Caught In Lies is the new single from Screamers upcoming album Highway of Heroes. The single is out today on digital platforms. Screamer never strays far from the proven sound of roaring guitars and pounding drums that works equally well in the war pit in front of stage as when blasting through your stereo. In Screamers music you can hear the classic foundations laid down by the hard rocking heroes of old. With a combination of straight-forward choruses of the likes of Dio, guitar works in the style of 'Maiden or 'Lizzy on speed and the pounding beat of Judas Priest, Screamer has carved out their very own essence of heavy metal that stands the test of time. The new album is set to be released the 11th of October on The Sign Records.

Highway of Heroes is the fourth studio album from the Swedish heavy metal band. Produced by Gustav Hjortsjö from Bullet. Recorded by Ulf Blomberg in The End Studio. Mixed by Tomas Skogsberg in the legendary Sunlight Studio. Mastered by Patrik W. Engel in Temple Of Disharmony. The album holds nine tracks plus a CD/Vinyl exclusive intro. Screamer is set to tour Europe in November following the release of the Highway of Heroes album.

Live: 01.11.19 DE - Hamburg, Bambi Galore 02.11.19 NL - Nijverdal, Cult Art Club 03.11.19 DE - Kassel, Goldgrube 05.11.19 DE - Leipzig, Mørtelwerk 06.11.19 CZ - Prague, Club007 07.11.19 AT - Wien, Escape 08.11.19 AT - Linz, Kapu 09.11.19 AT - Dornbirn, Schlachthaus 10.11.19 DE - Göppingen, Zille 11.11.19 BE - Bree, Ragnarock 12.11.19 DE - Saarbrücken, Studio 30 14.11.19 DE - Münster, Rare Guitar 15.11.19 DE - Mannheim, MS Connection 16.11.19 DE - Koblenz, Florinsmarkt 23.11.19 SE - Gislaved, Crash Course Club 29.11.19 SE - Göteborg, The Abyss 30.11.19 SE - Örebro, Watt more live dates to be announced....

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