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CANEDY Set To Release Debut Album

CANEDY, the brainchild of legendary drummer Carl Canedy (The Rods) have announced their debut performance. The show is set to take place September 8th in at “The Blues at the Bridge Festival,” in Binghamton, NY. The band lineup also features Mike Santasiaro on vocals, Charlie Russello on guitars and Tony Garuba on bass.

In more news, the band has just completed work on their debut record. The album was mixed by Chris Collier (Tool, Whitesnake, Last in Line, etc.) Look for an early 2020 release. Check out a preview out of what is to come on the album below.

“After releasing my first "Canedy" album, "Headbanger", I realized that my next effort needed to be a band project. Fortunately for me Mike, Tony and Charlie, three amazing musicians who live nearby, were willing to work with me on a new album. I'm now part of a kick ass project called CANEDY. We are all really proud of this album and we're excited for people to hear what we've done! Come see us at our first ever gig, where we will be headlining Blues On The River, in Binghamton, NY, September 8th, says Carl Canedy.

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