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WAR GODS of the DEEP  are set to release their debut album, "Action Space Battle"

are set to release their debut album, "Action Space Battle" on September 17th 2019 - with pre orders available beginning August 17th 2019.
The ten song album is the band's unapologetic "love letter" to the hard rock and heavy metal music of the seventies and eighties and promises to be an epic listening event for anyone so inclined to take the journey. This record firmly establishes the band's intent to both define and lead a new wave of "American heavy metal power-rock" (n.w.o.a.h.m.p.r)
The record will be available everywhere music is purchased, streamed and stolen in three variant album cover formats as well as in a special "fan club" package, containing not only the physical CD version of the album, but a number of extra WGOTD "goodies" as well.
If you like your music to contain trace elements of spaceships, swear words, devil monsters, spirituality, robots, lazers and sex, then War Gods of the Deep is your new favorite band, and Action Space Battle is your new favorite album.
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