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BLACKRAIN 'Dying Breed' Album Review

The latest album from Blackrain kicks off with the title track and lead off single "Dying Breed" an ode to the glory days of long hair, hard rock debauchery. Showcasing the band and their perfect reincarnation of 80's sunset strip sleaze metal. It contains all the elements of a great sleaze rocker, and a pretty bad ass lyric video too. "Hellfire" follows with a new video and another killer track. The video will have you longing for the good old day of Head Bangers Ball, where great bands and visuals went hand in hand. "Blast Me Up" a catchy, balls-out rocker with a great bass line running throughout, it just smokes from the get go. "Like Me" kicks off with another cool bass line from Mathieu De La Roche. This one has a bit of a different feel to it, but still manages hit all the right marks. "All the Angels Have Gone" the lone ballad on "Dying Breed" a song that should be played in a packed arena, with lighters in the air. It takes you right back to the glory days of hair metal, when the power ballad was king. "We Are The Mayhem" is more in the vein of some of today's newer sleaze metal bands like Crashdiet and Crazy Lixx. Guitarist Max 2 shines here and the band just keeps rolling along. "Rock Radio" a commentary on the state of today's rock radio, or lack there of. Call me crazy but I hear a cross between Meatloaf and The Ramones, and I love both of those fucking artist! "Public Enemy" kicks the energy back into high gear, and the band closes out "Dying Breed" with the track "A Call From The Inside" ending the same way they started on a high note.

With the first two kick-ass singles out and album ready to drop on September 13th this is a band that should have 80's metal fans knocking down their door.

Available for preorder HERE

Composed and recorded in Sweden where Swan, the frontman, is permanently settled, this new album called “Dying Breed” is like a response to the way the music world goes. Surrounded by electro music and RnB, struck by the death of many of their idols that made the rock history, asked by people why they still wear this old-fashioned long hair, the four guys more and more felt like a dying breed, “the last of their kind” as it is said in the new song they unveil before they hit the mainstage of Hellfest in France.

Tracklistings: 01. Dying Breed 02. Hellfire 03. Blast Me Up 04. Nobody Can Change 05. Like Me 06. All Angels Have Gone 07. We Are The Mayhem 08. Rock Radio 09. Public Enemy 10. A Call From The Inside

LP Side A 01. Dying Breed 02. Hellfire 03. Blast Me Up 04. Nobody Can Change 05. Like Me

Side B 01. All Angels Have Gone 02. We Are The Mayhem 03. Rock Radio 04. Public Enemy 05. A Call From The Inside

Pressing Information

- CD in digipak - LP (red with white swirls), CD in a paper sleeve

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