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CIVIL WAR Stream New Single "Dead Man's Glory"

This song is the start of a new era for us, and we are back stronger than ever before!

We just wanted to post some updates from the Civil War camp!

As some of you might have noticed! Myhr, Mullback and Rikard joined forces with their old band Sabaton yesterday at the Wacken show to celebrate Sabatons 20 year anniversary. Sabaton celebrated in style! Headlining on both the main stages the same time... Sabaton had an over 2 hour long set, and our Civil War brothers joined them for 1 and a half hours , and alongside them on stage they had Thobbe Englund ... It was good to see our Civil War brothers on stage with their old friends again...

Another thing! We have a new Instagram account! So from now on you can find us there under the name Civilwarofficial

Since the new song is out! It's time for us to go back into the cave and finish some more songs, so we can start recording our new album soon... until then enjoy the Dead Man's Glory

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