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LOVE AND WAR reveale artwork for upcoming album 'Edge of the World'

Houston, Texas hi-energy melodic hard rock band LOVE AND WAR have revealed the cover artwork for their new upcoming sophomore album Edge of the World.

In addition, LOVE AND WAR has released the new advance title track "Edge of the World" from their upcoming 2nd album as a free mp3 download HERE.

LOVE AND WAR has checked in with the following comment:

"Time has been the battle during the last few years in this recording process trying to complete our 2nd album Edge of the World. Work schedules and traveling back-and-forth to the St Louis area, either flying or driving has been cumbersome. The great news is we are in the final stages of recording and mixing, and we are excited to say we will have a release date by the end of this summer. This record is a refreshing approach to melodic hard rock, as I call it modern seventies rock and roll revisited! We hope everyone will enjoy the new kick ass rocking music as much as we do!"

Rock/metal music fans of legendary bands: U.F.O., MICHAEL SCHENKER, VAN HALEN and SCOPRIONS will find something to enjoy throughout our new album's songs.

The album art concept depicts the B25 bomber which carried forth from the cover of our debut album Up The Annie. The artwork depicts the plane at the precipice of the edge of the world. The artwork was created by Michael Adams.

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