JOHN DIVA AND THE ROCKETS OF LOVE 'Mama Said Rock Is Dead' Album Review

John Diva & The Rockets Of Love. The flashy band in the style of the eighties has been blessed with the talent of bringing a breath of fresh air to classic rock music. They are the rightful heirs of an era in which Van Halen, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Scorpions, Guns N` Roses or Mötley Crüe roved around all over the planet and took apart anything they could get their hands on. John Diva is charged US entertainment at its very best. Equipped visually and musically with all the key ingredients that this form of music entails, John Diva and his Rockets embody smooth riffs, racy guitar solos bordering on supersonic, anthem like choruses and graphic texts filled with the stories of life, not always completely G-rated. Their debut album, named Mama Said Rock Is Dead with tongue-in-cheek humour, tells stories from the life of Rock’N’Roll James Bond John Diva in full sound.

It's a rich amplified journey of rock n roll. The perfect album for putting the top down, sun in your face, wind in your hair with the radio turned to ten! "Mama Said Rock Is Dead" gets things rolling with a crack of the whip and from there the band is off and running. "Whiplash" is a great introduction to the band and a perfect choice for an album opener. "Lolita" is probably my favorite track here great vocals, it's fun, infectious and helps remind the listener of why we all loved the 80's so much. "Rock n Roll Heaven" a tribute to some of rocks fallen heroes. It's catchy blending a bit of musical pop/rock/country vibe. "Fire Eyes" is another favorite just an all round great rock song. After several more listens this may actually be my favorite track on "Mama Said Rock Is Dead". "Blinded" is a like a long lost Bon Jovi song, you know back when they still made rock n roll albums. There's a lot to love about this release, especially if you're a fan of the sunset strip era of metal.

Catchy hooks, killer grooves and arena-rock chorus' - "Mama Said Rock Is Dead" has them all!

You can pick up "Mama Said Rock Is Dead" on cd - vinyl - digital HERE


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