BULLET "Live" Album Review

Bullet combines classic and contemporary heavy metal arrangements with the true values of their genre and a passion that is hard to find elsewhere. “There aren’t many bands these days that have what should be obvious: a wall of Marshalls, long hair, an old tour bus, and who play 100% live without using backing tracks or stuff like that,” explains Hampus Klang, together with Hofer not only one of the group’s creative minds but, also one of its founder members. And what better way to present the one and only true rock’n’roll philosophy than a live album?

If you're a fan of old school live metal albums like I am, then you will totally dig this new release from Bullet simply titled "Live". It's Judas Priest meets Accept in an all out heavy metal assault. It has a killer energy with a NWOBHM sound. I've been listening to this album for a while now, but just recently got my hands on a vinyl copy thanks to SPV Records. And it sounds fucking fantastic on vinyl! Great packaging that includes a gatefold 2 LP set, tons of photos, a double sided poster and two accompanying cd's.

If you've never heard Bullet before, the best way I can describe them would be to say they are a down and dirty in your face old school rock n roll machine. They wear their influences on their sleeves and in this case that's a good thing.

With "Live" the band has pulled from it's six previous releases to bring you 18 head crushing tracks the way all good music was meant to be experienced Live! Highly recommend!

Bullet had this to say about "Live" : “For so many years people have asked us to do a live album, and now after six full-length studio releases we felt the time was right,” Hampus Klang explains why Bullet Live is released now, adding: “The main part was recorded in Germany. It’s a mixture of three gigs from our 2017 Storm Of Blades tour and the Dust To Gold tour in 2018. Both were filled with headbanging maniacs who thirsted for heavy metal and a good time. We also used recording devices in the crowd to capture the true heavy metal experience of a live Bullet show.”

Line-Up: Alexander Lyrbo (guitars) Hampus Klang (guitars) Gustav Hector (bass) Hell Hofer (vocals) Gustav Hjortsjö (drums)

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