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Swedish rockers DEAF RAT release their new single and video for 'Fallen Angels'

Swedish rockers DEAF RAT release their new single and video for 'Fallen Angels', out now on AFM Records. 'Fallen Angels' is the first track to be taken from their upcoming debut album 'Ban The Light' which is due for release on 1st November on AFM Records. 'Fallen Angels' has big hooks and is as catchy as they come, breathing the air of the golden Rock'n'Roll days and it begins the lead up to the release of the band's debut album. Check out the video here:

DEAF RAT will play their first Live show on SABATON OPEN AIR next week, Wednesday 14th August at 10.30PM. From the first beat, the Swedish Hard Rock band serves up a dark selection of tunes rammed with heavy riffs, strong melodies and seductive tunes to twist your mind. The title was taken from the first song that was written for the album – an emotional masterpiece about being different and standing up for your individuality against people full of prejudice Singer Frankie Rich states: “I had a rough time in school being different in every possible way. I had a funny name, red curly hair, parents from a different country. On top of that I was listening to KISS and WASP while the kids in my school listened to Backstreet Boys and The Spice Girls. I was miserable from being made fun of because I was different". 'Ban The Light' is a tough punch, a statement to everyone who has been made fun of or belittled, to all those who are a little different & had been singled out because of what they wear or who they are. 'Ban The Light' will be available as CD and Clear Red Vinyl (limited to 300 pieces).


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