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LaValle "Dear Sanity" Retro Album Review

Somehow this one flew under my radar when it was released via Kivel records in 2013. And if it wasn't for a recent post on Kivel Records Facebook page concerning Eddie LaValle and the bands future with Kivel, It might have stayed that way.

The press release for "Dear Sanity" states the following: LaValle featuring Carsten Schulz (Evidence One), Paul Logue (Edens Curse), Ramy Ali (Evidence One), and guitarist Eddie LaValle deliver an old school sound with an updated PUNCH! Pulling from such a pool of talent, this band delivers for fans of "Tooth and Nail" era Dokken, mixed with a blend of Bratta and Lynch influenced guitar playing piled on top of a mountain sized wall of HUGE choruses. This is an album that will satisfy fans of the genre of old, while gaining fans of new.

Super melodic with a classic Dokken/Lynch Mob feel to it, but then the harmonies kick in and you're instantly reminded of late 80's Def Leppard. Carsen Schultz sings out of his mind on this album. If you've never had a chance to hear Mr.Schultz sing then I suggest heading over to his website at to check out some of his musical endeavors (there are a ton of them) His voice is full of soul and just enough rasp to make for one hell of a singer. As far as Eddie LaValle goes if you are a fan of George Lynch, Warren DeMartini and maybe a little Vito thrown in for good measure than you’re gonna love Eddie. Riffs upon riffs, blistering solos it makes for everything a great 80's sounding band/album should be.

The stand out tracks for me "Fading Like The Sun", which would've been right at home on the debut Lynch Mob album, it's an all around kick ass rocker. "Wait Too Long" a cool ballad that slows things down a bit , but in a good way. "Rock Your World" has a killer Winger type groove to it. Everything about that song just flat out smokes! "Cry Wolf" another rocker that kicks off with the classic 80's metal guitar solo, some great gang chorus vocals and what you have its another blistering rocker.

Listen if you're like me and missed this one upon it's initial release then do yourself a favor and pick a copy up now. You won't regret it.

Fading Like The Sun

Wait Too Long

Cry of the wolf

The bands bio states the following:

LAVALLE is a melodic hard rock band made up of like-minded musicians from the U.S.A. as well as Europe. We strive to write memorable, rocking, hook-filled songs that pay tribute to the rock bands of the 80s that we all love so much, while at the same time embracing todays modern production techniques.

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