KNIGHTMARE Are Set To Release "Space Nights"

The band has posted the following update on "Space Nights": We have some pretty extreme news!We are incredibly excited to announce that our fourth studio album, “Space Nights”, will be released via Rafchild Records in Germany!!“We’ve known Raphael a long time, and he has been a fantastic friend and cohort. We look forward to releasing this album with him and his new label. He does fantastic work and we are beyond elated to join the team!”We will have a release date very soon!In the meantime, please enjoy the front and back cover art and track listing!Keep an eye open for updates, presale, and other info regarding the release.We’ve also go a few gigs coming up, stay tuned, and thank you for the ongoing support!

-Reid, Jared, & Anthony

(From the album: 'Walk Through the Fire")

The North Carolina “Young Guns” of metal! Formed in the early 2000s by 3 best friends with a strong desire to keep the faith. Knightmare plays all over the Carolinas and continental United States bringing a vintage power metal sound with a new age twist to listeners far and wide. A dual lead guitar attack, accompanied by 4 part vocal harmonies, tasteful bass lines, and a melodic style of drumming makes for an enjoyable and powerful performance that brings lovers of rock and roll and heavy metal together for a glorious splendor of musicality and good times.


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