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PLAGUE 9 "Mr.Ass" - Album Review

Formed by rhythm guitarist/singer Devon Smith and bassist John Hopf in 2017, Plague 9 recorded their first song Stuck in Hell for the release on the Metal United Down Under Vol 1 compilation. Since then lead guitarist David Hone has jumped on board bringing his very unique playing style and blistering speed taking the songs into a new dimension. Since their installation, Plague 9 have been busy playing gigs and supporting a number of known Australian bands touring Australia. The band took time out to hit the studio and record their debut EP "Mr Ass", with a good mix of thrash and more traditional style heavy metal riffs. Drawing influence from bands such as Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden.

The five song EP has the feel of early live Metallica with maybe a little Death Angel thrown in for good measure. “Stuck in Hell” is aggressive and in your face, and showcases some old school thrash metal guitar from David Hone.“Criminal Justice” picks up the pace, and the rhythm guitar and drums fall perfectly in place. “Flavour of the Weak”, is probably the catchiest number here and sounds more like a traditional NWOBHM tune with an early Iron Maiden feel. “Feed It” picks back up where Criminal Justice" left off and would feel right at home on Metallica's "Garage Days Re-Revisted" Ep. “Mr. Ass” has Sabbath written allover it and that's always a good thing. Hopefully well get a full length album from Plague 9 in the near future. Check this one out when you get a chance.

Track List:

Stuck In Hell

Criminal Justice

Flavour Of The Weak

Feed It

Mr Ass

(Mr.Ass Demo)

Plague 9 are: John Hopf - Bass guitar David Hone - Lead guitar Devon Smith - Rhythm guitar/vocals

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