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WILDSIDE Release Live Album ‘WildSide (Live)’ with Bonus Tracks

WildSide comprised of lead vocalist Drew Hannah, guitarists Brent Woods and Benny Rhynedance, bassist Marc Simon and drummer Jimmy Darby but the band has just released a live album titled WildSide (Live) consisting of nine tracks recorded back in 1993 and two bonus tracks — a demo version of “The Day Rock Died” and the song “How Can You Love Me.”

The album is available at Amazon , import as well as other media outlets.

Track List for WildSide (Live):

01. Hang On Lucy 02. So Far Away 03. Clock Strikes 04. Just Another Night 05. Lad In Sin 06. Heart N Soul 07. Crash Diet 08. Six Feet Under 09. How Many Lies 10. The Day Rock Died (demo) 11. How Can You Love Me


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