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HELHORSE Release New Single and Video!

"Hydra" Drops August 23rd on Rodeostar Records!

When gnarly punk, pure metal and the swagger of hard rock meet, it can only mean one thing: the unholy rebirth of Helhorse! The Danes love to rock out with riffs heavier than Godzilla`s balls. Be part of one of the loudest, dirtiest and also most melodic riff fests of the year!

Helhorse have just released their 2nd single. Watch the video below.

Helhorse on "Avalanche:" "This song represents the changes that this band has gone through and it shows the development in our song writing. And though the initial idea for the lyrics was political, it ended up revolving around Mikkel's own personal growth. Once again we’ve collaborated with the talented Andreas Benthien and he has created a video that is a great testament to the magic that happens at live shows. A great mix of what we do best combined with the sound of Helhorse in 2019."

Helhorse are no strangers on the international scene sharing stages with acts such as AC/DC, Rammstein, and Slayer, while touring Europe with Karma To Burn and Phil Campbell to name a few.

The new album "Hydra" is set to elevate this excellent four-piece even further into the minds and hearts of heavy metal fans all over the world. "Hydra" has everything you need as a fan of heavy music. Riffs are ripping, the choruses are bigger than Trump’s ego, and the energy is authentic as it is infectious. The lyrical theme of the album is focused on seizing the day, and not to letting triviality drag you down. Or in Mikkel Wads words: “The perpetual rage feeds desire - that sums up pretty well how I felt writing the lyrics for this album. I have channeled my restlessness, my anger and my disdain for triviality and overall bullshit ”

"Hydra" was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Gojira, Meshuggah). Staying clear of the modern music worlds compressed and very non-dynamic master, "Hydra" aims at giving you that crisp you’ve been missing, and showcasing that quality of spending time on refining the smaller details, to give you a spacious sound.

Helhorse are acclaimed and praised for their live shows and their charismatic sound. The band has spent the last couple of years positioning themselves as a true force as one of the leading heavy bands in the Nordic area. The band has been named one of Denmark’s best live acts several times, showcasing relentless touring history over the years, and also performed at key festivals such as Roskilde, Copenhell, Spot Festival, Tallinn Music Week, Reeperbahn Festival and many more.

"Hydra" Tracklisting:

1. Overboard

2. Avalanche

3. Outcome: Ruin

4. Cycle of Vain Attempts

5. Northern Lights

6. Hydra

7. Crystal Blades

8. Scarlet Meadow, Scarlet Brook

9. Under a Bad Moon

10. War Drums

Coming August 23rd as LP, CD and digital formats on Rodeostar Records.

"Hydra" is now available to pre-order here:

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