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URIAH HEEP Keyboardist PHIL LANZON Returns With New Solo Album and Book


Longtime Uriah Heep keyboardist Phil Lanzon's second-ever solo album, ‘48 Seconds,’ will be released on Friday, August 9, 2019, via PLD (Phil Lanzon Ditties). Distributed by Cargo Records, the album will be available on CD, double gatefold colored vinyl and all digital outlets, and can also be purchased via these links: and As with his first album, ‘If You Think I’m Crazy,’ Phil has teamed up with producer Simon Hanhart and arranger Richard Cottle. With his love of film score, Lanzon has created a sometimes cinematic backdrop to this mixed genre of songs enabling drama and emotion to fly hand in hand. With a journey from orchestral instrumental to hard rock, from ballad to the symphonic and choir epic title track, “48 Seconds” - which commemorates the 1906 earthquake of San Francisco - the listener is certainly in for a sonic treat. The soaring “Blue Mountain” proves to be another standout, as well as the hard rocker “You Can Make A Livin’,” plus the big band solo section in “Forty Line.” “Rock n Roll Children” has become a favourite due to its luscious female lead vocal. “Face to Face” is a duet ballad with Phil and is a home truth about social media with an orchestral interlude and power sing along chorus. Almost too much to like here! The album cover and all artwork was created by Michael Cheval (, and you can also hear Phil’s thoughts on the album via this link:

And the buzz and feedback concerning the album prior to its release has been extremely positive, including Patrick Alexander at KMIH-FM, who said, "48 Seconds arrived in my mailbox today. Congrats on a great album. Of course, I knew the title track was great but overall this is excellent. I’m familiar with a lot of Simon Hanhart’s work but the two of you craft such a huge sound!!! People just don’t make records with this kind of depth anymore. The use of a real orchestra makes all the difference. Now I have to hear your first album.” In addition to being a member of prog-metal trailblazers Uriah Heep since 1986, the talented keyboardist has also worked with a variety of other artists over the years, including Grand Prix, Sad Café, The Loose Ends, The Sweet, as well as recently penning a fiction book loaded with suspense and adventure, ‘Curse Of The Mudchalk Devil.’ A reviewer from the UK voiced his approval of the book, by stating, “I’ve just finished reading the superb ‘Curse Of The Mudchalk Devil’ by Uriah Heep keyboardist, the mighty Phil Lanzon. What an amazing fantasy it took me on. I couldn’t wait to turn each page. I would highly recommend it for children and adults alike. 10/10! If, or should I say when, it gets made into a movie I can imagine it being directed by Tim Burton or Peter Jackson.” -Danny Hines. Singing troubadour. Not only will fans get to see Lanzon on stage with Uriah Heep (who just wrapped up a US tour with Judas Priest) this year throughout Europe, but also, will soon have additional listening and reading material, with the arrivals of ’48 Seconds’ and ‘Curse Of The Mudchalk Devil’! ’48 Seconds’ track listing: 01. Azura's Theme (Instrumental) 02. In The Rain 03. Forty Line 04. Rock N Roll Children 05. Blue Mountain 06. Look At The Time 07. Road To London 08. You Can Make A Living 09. Face To Face 10. 48 Seconds Recording lineup: * Phil Lanzon - Keys and lead vocals * John Mitchell - Lead vocals * Andy Makin - Lead vocals * Richard Cottle - Additional keys, Saxes * Neal Wilkinson - Drums * Adam Goldsmith - Guitar * Mick O'Donohue - Giutar * Miriam Grey - Lead vocals, background vocals * Phoebe Street, Andy Caine, Andy Playfoot - Background vocals * Tom Walsh - Trumpets * Clare Mcinerney - Saxes * Neil Sidwell - Trombones * Chris Haigh - Violin solo * Richard Harwood - Cello solo * Levine Andrade - Viola solo * London Telefilmonic Orchestra - Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

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