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SOLEIL MOON Unleash New Album 'Warrior'

“Warrior” is Soleil Moon’s third studio album, a simply stunning recording presenting in all it’s glory one of the most consistent and credible artists of the current AOR scene.

Put together by the awesome singer Larry King, Soleil Moon’s performing line-up includes John Blasucci (Dennis DeYoung) on keyboards, Alan Berliant on bass, Khari Parker on drums, and live guitar duties covered by Chris Siebold. In the studio, guitar work is handled by none other than very special guest Michael Thompson.

The new album includes a number of amazing AOR tracks encompassing rockers like "72 Camaro" and "Can’t Go On", beautiful songs such as "Here for You" and "When I’m With You", haunting ballads like "Halfway to Nowhere", and outstanding symphonic rock numbers such as the title track.

The magnificent production elevates this record massively and this is just one of those timeless records that you will come and listen to again in ten years time and still feel mesmerized. Guaranteed! One of the top AOR albums of the year, beyond a scado of a doubt.


  1. '72 Camaro

  2. Here For You

  3. You And I

  4. Just So You Know

  5. Can't Go On

  6. Halfway To Nowhere

  7. How Long

  8. Nothing Matters

  9. When I'm With You

  10. Before The Rainbow

  11. Warrior

  12. 420 (Hidden Track)


Larry King - Vocals, Keys

Khari Parker - Drums

Chris Siebold - Guitars

Alan Berliant - Bass

John Blasucci - Keys

Guest Performer: Michael Thompson - Guitars

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