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Lizzie Grey (LONDON / SPIDERS & SNAKES) Frontman Passes Away

Sunset Strip music legend and longtime SPIDERS & SNAKES frontman Lizzie Grey — probably best known for co-penning the MÖTLEY CRUE song "Public Enemy #1" — passed away in his sleep this morning at a Las Vegas hospital surrounded by his wife Jennifer and

daughters Ariel and Annabelle. Lizzie (a.k.a. Stephen Perry), 60, had long been suffering from a rare brain disorder known as Lewy Body Disease and had been underSgoing treatment for years. He is also survived by his son Alex Perry, mother Jeanne Perry, brother Robert Perryand sister Susan Brandon.

"Lizzie was not only a legend in the world of music, but an amazing father, husband, and friend to many, and words cannot express how much we will miss him," said Jennifer. Lizzie's bandmate of 27 years in SPIDERS & SNAKES Tim Yasui added: "It was a blessing to witness to how many adoring fans Lizzie had during our three decades together as SPIDERS & SNAKES. It never ceased to amaze me that wherever we were on the road, people would approach us with stories about wanting to play guitar because of Lizzie. He literally influenced an entire generation of musicians from all over the world, and the world is a much better place because of him"

Grey first hit the Hollywood spotlight in the late 1970s with the band LONDON that he formed with Nikki Sixx — a band that Sixx would soon depart to form his own group, which became MÖTLEY CRUE. Grey remained on and off with LONDON for the next decade, recording several albums before leaving the very band that he founded in 1988 to start another band called ULTRA POP. ULTRA POP recorded two critically-acclaimed albums back to back in '88 and '89, before changing the name of the band to SPIDERS & SNAKES in 1990. From 1990 to 2017, SPIDERS & SNAKES recorded nine studio albums, a cover-song compilation album as well as a live album. In 2018, with Lizzie's progressing complications from Lewy Body Disease, the band collectively decided to call it quits rather than moving on without Lizzie.

SPIDERS & SNAKES surviving band members Phil St Vincent (bass and vocals), Chris Sheridan (guitar and vocals) and Yasui (drums and vocals) will reunite for one night this fall/winter at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood to raise money and awareness for Lewy Body Disease.

Nikki Sixx paid tribute to his former bandmate via Twitter:


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