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Logan featuring first Lillian Axe singer Johnny Vines re-release their 1993 EP with ten never-before

Logan formed in the summer of 1991 when highly-respected lead singer Johnny Logan Vines and the man behind the kit, Mark Kelly, joined forces. They would then recruit guitarist Don LaFon and bassist John Jay to round out the band. Quickly they became a well-respected band on the Houston Texas music scene. Logan wrote songs and continued to play out live. In the late summer, Logan entered the studio and recorded a 4 song demo that gained the attention of Geoff Workman (Queen, Motley Crue, Journey, The Cars). Workman would then help the band to record their official six song EP One Step Closer. FnA Records is proud to release the remastered and expanded full length CD One Step Forward, Two Steps Back. The first six tracks are the remastered versions of the songs that appeared on the One Step Closer album. In addition to the EP, the band has graciously included all the remaining material that was recorded which consists of 10 never-before-released tracks. Included in these tracks is a cover of the Hollies song “Long Cool Woman”. The 10 new tracks not only compliment but rival the six songs on the One Step Closer EP. Logan performed together until 1994 having opened for many national acts such as: During their years, Logan opened for such bands as Quiet Riot, Jackyl, Kix, Widowmaker, .38 Special, Zebra and many others. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back is a silver pressed CD consisting of the tracks:

  1. Sonshine Come

  2. Dead Of the Night

  3. Sometimes

  4. If You Want It

  5. How Many Tears

  6. Hungry

  7. One Way Ride

  8. Long Cool Woman

  9. It’s A Bitch

  10. I Am Gone

  11. Fool No More

  12. Everybody Wants More

  13. Love That Kills

  14. Long Time Comin’

  15. Runnin With The Wind

  16. All Fall Down

The album is available as a regular CD, a Fan Pack CD (autographed by two members), or as a digital download. Additionally there is a Limited Edition clear 12” vinyl of the One Step Closer limited to 10 worldwide and a white 12” vinyl of the One Step Closer EP limited to 1 in the world. Fans can check out an album teaser at:

A professional full length video is slated for release. Please follow us on our youtube channel at


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