King Diamond guitarist Michael Denner presents new band and video “Fountain Of Grace”

DENNER’S INFERNO have released the title-track of their debut EP, “Fountain Of Grace“. The single, accompanied by a fitting official video, marks the debut of the legendary King Diamond and Mercyful Fate guitar player and composer Michael Denner and his new band, born from the ashes of Trickback in 2018 with a new, renewed line-up with 70’s prog hard rock meeting doom influences.

Michael Denner comments: “After a lot of thoughts around what to do next I ended up doing what turned up to be the exact right move towards the music style I really love: 70’s inspired Heavy Rock. The choice of team for this one came very natural. Bjarne and Flemming I’ve known for decades and exactly what they are capable to do with the rhythm section, and a good vibe to go with it. And by introduction from Mighty Music’s Michael H. Andersen I found the golden voice of Chandler Mogel, a New Yorker with deep roots in the same music style as I love to do“.

The influent musician continues: “This time I chose a selection of songs I wrote with good people during the last few years and a few obscure covers of songs which have made an impact on my taste in music since my journey as a heavy rock guitarist started many years ago now. This album is for the listeners who like their music hard and heavy with strong beautiful vocals and some No Nonsense playing to back it up. Enjoy!”

“Fountain Of Grace”, the EP will contain three tracks and will be released in CD and vinyl (12″), both limited to 500 copies, by Mighty Music on Agust the 23rd. The Upcoming, debut Denner’s Inferno album “In Amber” will be released in November worldwide through Mighty Music.


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