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UGLY KID JOE To Start Recording New Album In November

Ugly Kid Joe have set the date for their return to the studio. Speaking to eonmusic this weekend at Ramblin' Man Fair festival in Maidstone, Kent, singer Whitfield Crane confirmed the date for work to begin on the follow-up to 2015's Uglier Than They Used Ta Be.

Talking about the difference between the band now, and in their earlier days, Crane commented; "We wanted to prove ourselves. Now, years later, the very songs that used to annoy me, I see the joy in it. Music is really special, as you well know, and so it’s beautiful."

Going on to chat about the band's huge success on the back of single "Everything About You" in 1991, the singer said; "Eye of the storm’ is a good way to put it, because, it just was all happening at a deadly fast gait. And it was a lot, it was beautiful, and also, very challenging, because there’s a lot of people that surround the business of music that are full of shit, but when you’re 23 / 24, you don’t know how to negotiate that, so on one hand it was super fun and we did all the things you should do at that age, and on the other hand, it was too much for me. But we survived it, and I can deal with it all now."

Talking about their next release, Crane confirmed: "We’re going in the studio. We’re all leaving on our various journeys right now - families, and all this stuff - and then we’ll come back, November 1st to the UK, and then we stuff ourselves in the studio, and we’re making a new record, just now, this next November, November 1st. When would I expect it to be released? I don’t know. When it shows itself."

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