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AUTOGRAPH Guitarist Steve Lynch Leaves Band

Autograph guitarist Steve Lynch has posted the following status update regarding his involvement with Autograph on his Facebook page:

I am officially leaving Autograph. I am on a new journey musically and I want to explore new musical ideas with the Love Of My Life.

I wish my brothers well and hope for their continued happiness and success.

There is a time when one must follow their heart… and this is what I am doing.

I want to thank my family, friends, and fans for all their support over the years…

This is not goodbye… it is a new beginning…

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! Forever and always!!!!

Stay tuned for an epic experience…

Rumour has it that he will soon be announcing his new band, called Project 2:22 with his fiance’ Alena Rae. Stay tuned for more…

Randy Rand remains as the sole original member left in Autograph after Lynch’s departure.

The band posted the following :

Hey all of our Autograph family and Friends!!! Our brother Steve Lynch has decided to move on to other musical endeavors and we wish him the best in all things!!!!!!!! Me, Simon and Marc have decided to carry on, we have a couple people in mind already!!!!! So onward and upward!!!’ Long Live Rock and Roll!!!! See ya on the road at all of the upcoming shows!!! Turn it up!!!

- Randy Rand


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