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Demonic-eyed set to releases self titled album August 1st

A new album by Demonic-eyed moves bravely in the thrash/groove-core waters with the emphasis on vigour, energy and directness. The guitar riffs are brisk and as sharp as a razor. The sound of the bass guitar and drums contribute to the full package of the genre and its rhythmical punctuality. The vocals and lyrics on ecology, social engagement, mysticism, literature and mythology give meaning to this ensamble. The wish of the band is to activate their listeners to action and thinking on life and universe. The album was co-produced by Miro Spevák at the SPK Studio. Demonic-eyed is a new band of Luboshio, the guitar player and the vocalist from the Slovak metal band Mäso. The CD cover art was made by Robo Ivan. The album will be available since August 1, 2019 via


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