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SOUL GRINDER Unveil New Video 'Hunting the Prophecy'

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, SOUL GRINDER is one of the fastest rising and most noticeable extreme metal acts to have emerged in the last three years. The trio of Alex Avery (guitar), April Dimmick (vocals and bass) and Kevin Ross (drums) present their brand of impeccable musicianship with undeniably entertaining and compelling visual imagery. Soul Grinder is releasing their debut full-length, The Prophecy of Blight, today, July 5 2019. Metal Assault is more than thrilled to run an exclusive premiere of the music video for the song “Hunting the Prophecy”, which features on the album. Watch it in all its glory below, and be on the lookout for much more from Soul Grinder in the immediate future.

In July 2017, soul grinder released their debut ep terraflesh, honoring old school thrash, death and nwobhm with a modern metal sound. The band went to the road in 2018, dividing the stage with the accused ad, Thor, haunt, Blade Killer, RIP, Savage Master and more. Soul Grinder gained an international audience, having traveled Canada and the west coast with bewitcher and roadrash. Soul Grinder is an independent metal band from Portland, Oregon, which on July 5, 2019 released their first LP, an exceptionally dirty heavy metal flood titled: the prophecy of prophecy. The album was recorded in the variable dimensions of the rift, mixed and mixed by Joel Grind. The Album's art is by singer and bassist prilzor (April Dimmick). Band Formation: Alex Avery - Guitar, April dimmick - vocals and bass, Kevin Ross - drums Official Links: Homepage:

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