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Mark Baker the man behind the iconic Signal ‘Loud & Clear’ album to release ‘The Future Ain’t Wh

Mark Baker is the man behind the iconic Signal ‘Loud & Clear’ album as well as many other songs including tracks for 38 Special, Paris Black, Triumph and Boulevard.

He was also the main co-writer on House Of Lords’ acclaimed ‘Demons Down’ record, re-joining as co-writer on some of the band’s more recent albums too.

‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ is a compilation of Mark’s songwriter demos from the 80s and 90s. The songwriter demos feature various singers, including the best session vocalist of them all – Mark Free. I’m pleased to say there are several unreleased Mark Free vocals.

Track Listing & Vocalist Featured:

01. Nobody Gets Out Alive (Mark Free) 03:38

02. The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (Mark Free) 04:35

03. Demons Down (Demo Version)(James Christian) 03:34

04. No Pleasure Without The Pain (Demo Version)(James Christian) 05:00

05. Someday You're Gonna Love Someone (Mark Free) 03:45

06. A Little Too Much (Mark Free) 04:23

07. First To Cry (Mark Free) 03:43

08. What Did You Do (Mark Free) 04:27

09. Nothin' (Mark Free) 04:48

10. Dream On Little Dreamer (Bill Champlin) 04:16

11. Give A Little (Vocalsist Unknown) 03:57

12. Cold Day In Hell (James Christian) 04:12

13. Questions Of The Heart (Gary O) 04:59

14. Brighter Day (James Christian) 04:32

15. Only Young (Vocalist Unknown) 04:01

16. Runaway (Mark Free) 03:53

17. Superhero (Mark Free) 04:46

18. X T C O I (Freddy Curci) 03:46


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