FICTION SYXX new studio album ‘The Alternate Me’ out now

FICTION SYXX's new epic studio album ‘The Alternate Me’ out now.

The new album picks up where the debut left off, but at the same time, dials everything up 3 notches. The musicianship, the complexities of the songs, the production and the hooks. All maximized for fan enjoyment. FICTION SYXX is the brain child of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, Mark Allen Lanoue. But like all ideas, including musical ones, it is not just about the writing; it is about the delivery. So, after writing the first song called “Welcome to my Nightmare” for this new musical journey, Mark started talking with friend and multi-talented musician/songwriter/producer, JK Northrup (KING KOBRA, XYZ) about starting a project that would be framed around a core of members. The album was Produced, Mixed and Mastered by JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio, Carmichael CA, USA.

Fiction Syxx is:

Mark Allen Lanoue - Lead Vocals & Guitar

JK Northrup - Guitar, B. Vocals & Production

Rory Faciane - Drums

Larry Hart - Bass

Eric Ragno – Keyboards


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