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Lead singer Taki Sassaris of EVE TO ADAM - Interview

We recently had a chance to chat with Eve To Adam lead singer Taki Sassaris about everything from life on the road, trying to survive in today's world of rock n roll, Bob Seger and a campaign near and dear to the band's heart #22DreamsComeTrue . You can check out the entire audio interview below.

#22DreamsComeTrue — A HUMANITARIAN MOVEMENT with MASSIVE ACTION! @2vetsoam & @officialevetoadam are linking arms with the entertainment industry to reach those struggling with the burden of depression, ptsd and chronic conditions - Broadcasting a whole new electromagnetic signature, producing a mission with an elevated emotion to SAVE LIVES! Packing an all new fresh perspective with no politics here. . . Results focused, Purpose Driven - sharing hope and igniting the spark within to Come To Life, Live Through It and Don’t Quit. Sending encouragement to live for a brighter future, today. via The Power Of Music #lovewins . . There has never been a more important time to link arms with @2VetsOAM and become an ambassador For CHANGE, TODAY. Our veterans are taking their own lives at an alarming rate. Our veterans need you, we need you. Join us in establishing critical mass, providing an ECONOMIC IMPACT to end this epidemic. No one should feel suicide is their only choice. Visit to get involved.

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