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HAMMERFALL hrelease lyric video for “(We Make) Sweden Rock”

HAMMERFALL frontmanJoacim Cans comments, “The lyrical content is direct referrals to songs and bands hailing from the north. In the lyric video, we took everything a step further and included photos, not only from bands referred to in the lyrics but from loads of other Swedish bands. It’s kind of a history lesson in Swedish Hard Rock & Metal.”

“The song is a tribute to the Swedish hard rock/heavy metal wonders that have swept the world for the past five decades. Bands from Sweden are tremendously well respected everywhere and we want to shine a light on everyone who helped create this.” adds guitarist Oscar Dronjak.

The video was shot in Belgrade, Serbia, by iCode in early April. Watch the lyric video for “(We Make) Sweden Rock”

“Dominion” is HAMMERFALL’s eleventh studio album, and second with Napalm Records. For “Dominion”, HAMMERFALL re-teamed with James Michael to do vocals at Red Level Three studios, and Fredrik Nordström of Studio Fredman at Castle Black Studios for the instruments on the powerful 12 song collection.


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