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Gutterfire! release new video “Jaws of the Universe”

While the world burns to the ground, “Armageddon Hard Rock” just rolled into town with the new music video clip ‘Jaws of the Universe’ from Brisbane band GUTTERFIRE! With their debut single release GUTTERFIRE! are aiming to kick a dent in the Australian music scene with their unique take on desert-alt hard rock that will leave an impression of a different vision for our future.

‘Jaws of the Universe’ is directed by Glenn Wauchop (Videographer and Director at Berserker Interactive), who has created a fun and action-packed take on the Armageddon. The video clip focuses on a bunch of mates just having a good old time enjoying their video games, suddenly realising that the world around them is crumbling, with antagonists surrounding, closing in, and trying to enter their home. Keeping it simple, hard-hitting and fast-paced with a stack of comedy, Wauchop captures the tongue-in-cheek nature of GUTTERFIRE! in dealing with this big topic!

The single is a punchy riff-driven track recorded at Bedlam Records with Brock Weston, considered of the three singles recorded over a short stint to be the perfect debut release for GUTTERFIRE! to launch off with into the rest of 2019 and beyond into 2020. With future plans to tour in the second half of 2019 across the east coast, and with dates pencilled in to record the first album in early 2020, ‘Jaws of the Universe’ will leave a memorable impression on existing fans and newly found hard rock music lovers alike while creating a perfect platform for more heavy-hitting “Armageddon Hard Rock” well into the future.

Growing out of like-minded conversations of desert, sludge and alternative hard rock music enthusiasts, GUTTERFIRE! are the unique collaboration that feels equal parts strange yet warmly familiar. GUTTERFIRE! spent a lot of the early days as most new bands do; band-watching, beer drinking, and jamming relentlessly to craft their signature sound.

Starting in mid-2018, GUTTERFIRE! wrote, practiced, refined, demoed, took holidays, played a couple of parties, and then finally decided the time was right to hit the real stage in February 2019. With a packed house at the first show, GUTTERFIRE! took the opportunity to win the crowd over with not only great heavy music, but also with a steady raining down of free stubby coolers throughout the set. Building on this initial show with strong crowds at following shows, the stage has now been set for the ‘Jaws of the Universe’ single launch and future success. It’s a union that pays off sonically and brings the party every single time.

With solid interest, and a growing buzz around the local music scene, GUTTERFIRE! are about to witness their first sold out show, a perfect crescendo of events that will result in the debut single launch of ‘Jaws of the Universe’ at ‘SludgePunk on Boundary’ at the Bearded Lady on Friday 31st May. GUTTERFIRE! will be sharing the stage with The Gastons, ELKO FIELDS, and The Glycereens for a sludgy punky fun-filled night. A match made in some crazy kind of heaven! Sludgy rock and dirty punk become unlikely (but strangely suited) friends at The Bearded Lady for one night only! GUTTERFIRE! Armageddon hard rock at its finest!

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