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Former NAZARETH Frontman DAN McCAFFERTY To Release New Solo Album

There are very few classic rock vocalists that you recognize after hearing just a few notes. The legendary Dan McCafferty, the former frontman of Scottish rockers Nazareth, is one of those vocalists. After nearly 50 years of road work with the band, McCafferty had to retire due to health reasons. However, that unique instrument - his voice - is still capable of blowing the roof off.

With 15 tracks, Last Testament is a blistering album with a full mix of lyrical and musical styles. It arrives on October 18 via earMUSIC. There are out and out rockers, like "My Baby" and "Bring It On Back," for example. But at the core of this release is a newfound freedom to explore avenues of creativity.

There are songs of reflection like, "You and Me," "Looking Back," and the very emotional first single "Tell Me," plus "Sunshine," which features a guest vocal by Nazareth bandmate Pete Agnew, which are tender love songs.

Listen to "Tell Me" here, and watch the video below.

McCafferty teamed up with Czech composer, accordion, and keyboard maestro Karel Marik, who is the author of all music and the producer of album, while McCafferty has written all the lyrics.

Recorded and mixed at Substation Studio in Rosyth Scotland by sound engineer Duncan Aitken and mastered by Eike Freese at Chameleon Studios Hamburg, Last Testament is a unique outstanding album which will surprise, challenge, and delight his countless fans throughout the world.


"You And Me" (Electric) "Why" "Looking Back" "Tell Me" (Single) "I Can't Find The One For Me" "Look At The Song In My Eyes" "Home Is Where The Heart Is" "My Baby" "Refugee " "Mafia" "Sunshine" "Nobody's Home" "Right To Fail" "Bring It On Back" "You And Me" (Acoustic)

"Tell Me" video:


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