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BANSHEE to release new album 'The Madness'

In '88, Metal Blade Records released Banshee Cry In The Night. Later that year, Banshee released their first full-length album, Race Against Time, on Atlantic Records. In 1992, their second full-length album, Take 'Em By Storm received worldwide distribution. Disappearing, personal lives, changes, new lives, and fast forward two decades...2012, Terry Dunn and Chuck Hopkins begin working w. vocalist George Call resulting in Banshee releasing their fourth studio album "Mindslave" on Snowblind Records. NOW 7 years after the success of MindSlave, the presale begins for "The Madness" Banshee's 5th album to date, and first release on Visionary Noise! The new album is very exciting! Stellar material. Passionate and skilled vocals, Brilliant Guitar! Real. Gritty. Full of Contemporary Content, Melodic. Spine Tingling, Haunting. Banshee! Now is the time to get your copy! Support with invites! Partake of "The Madness"


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