DEATH ANGEL 'Humanicide' Album Review

Death Angel has had a pretty triumphant return to the metal stage. Releases like "The Dream Calls for Blood" and 2016s "The Evil Divide" show cased a seasoned band comfortable with their place in the thrash world and still cranking out some of their best material.

The band is maybe best known for their debut, 1987’s thrash classic "The Ultra-Violence", and with the release of "Humanicide" they have added yet another Thrash Metal Masterpiece to their growing catalog of classic albums.

The writing, performance, & production on "Humanicide" are some of the best moments in the bands growing catalog of thrash classics. Death Angel is a band that you can always count on to deliver. From their first album in 1987 "The Ultra-Violence" to their newest "Humanicide" in 2019, be it on stage or in the studio. The band just seems to get better with every release. If you're a fan of the bands last couple of releases, don't hesitate to grab a copy of "Humanicide" asap!


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