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Out Now From Napalm Records MOTANKA

The previously unknown band called MOTANKA managed to completely stun and thrill a huge audience at 2018`s edition of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle: The Ukrainian newcomers, using traditional Ukrainian instruments, deliver a wholly unique mix of metal and folk, with elements of modern electronica. The four-piece has managed to capture the trance-like magic of their live shows on their self-titled debut – what the band refers to as "Mystic Metal" leaves each and every stereotype behind and hypnotizes with heavy ethno soundscapes.

Tracklist: 1. Alatyr 2. Fire Burns 3. Air 4. Des' u horakh 5. Oy ty moya Zemle 6. Bosymy nizhkamy 7. Voroh 8. Berehynya 9. Horizon 10. Pace of the Space 11. Khreshchennya 12. What are you living for? 13. Verba 14. Kroda Photo Credit: Viktor Golikov Cover Artwork: Josh Graham, Suspended In Light Lineup: Viktor Verba - vocals, keyboard, dulcimer Anatolii Zhalnin - guitar Sergii Khodorchuk - bass-guitar, dulcimer Dmytro Diachenko - drums

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