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German heavy metal icons MAJESTY lead you into a post-apocalyptic wasteland!

The German heavy metal icons used the two years since Rebels well: Next to relentless touring, the five piece got busy by pouring all its creativity into new and exciting material. Legends is the ninth MAJESTY studio album and leads all defenders of steel into a post-apocalyptic wasteland where mankind fights for a brighter future. After an atmospheric intro exceptional singer Tarek Maghary and co dive headfirst into epic goodness with ‘Rizing Home‘ and deliver ‘Burn The Bridges‘ with catchy gusto and keyboards. Legends bravely continues down the path its predecessor paved and mixes MAJESTY trademarks such as soaring guitar solos and anthemic choirs with modern soundscapes and a massive, crystal-clear production. That`s how real legends gotta sound!

"Legends" is due for release June 28th.

MAJESTY are: Tarek Maghary - Vocals Emanuel Knorr - Lead & Rhythm Guitars Robin Hadamovsky - Guitars Arthur Gauglitz- Bass Jan Raddatz – Drums


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