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WILD AMERICA Release New Video For "Gasoline"

There is nothing trend setting about this. No flavor of the month or the “in” thing flavor of the month. This is unapologetic wearing our hearts on our sleeve ARENA ROCK. Wall of Marshall's with giant guitar solos coming from them. Guitar playing that any fan of Eddie Van Halen would give a nod to while wanting more. You have a hooky song , sing along choruses and a big production sound. This is not meant to be innovative or set a new standard in music. Wild America will leave such band wagons for the new generation , as their mission is to keep that old school sound we all grew up to alive and well. While the industry is running away from the glory days of the arena rock band sound. Wild America is gladly strutting itself towards it.’ There is no doubt that fans of this genre will enjoy this new unsung rock anthem. As it is the perfect song to get you headbanging with your fist in the air as if you were a teen again at a Van Halen concert. This band will entertain you while take you back to a happier times, as music is a time machine. So fill up your tank with some GASOLINE and get ready for a ride with WILD AMERICA !


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