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Nova Rex release “I Don’t Know” video

The band that has brought you over 34 years of kick-ass rock n roll presents their new music video "I Don't Know" available everywhere that rocks!


NOVA REX ...the band that has brought you 34 years of kick ass rock-n-roll. NOVA REX has been featured in the hilarious hair metal documentary, "Nova Rex: Ain't Easy Being Cheesy", which has been seen by millions on Documentary Channel and Netflix. They have also been featured in a new film, "Hair I Go Again" with members of Warrant, Tesla, Quiet Riot, etc. Being ranked in the top 50 of the Greatest Hair Bands of the 80's by VH-1, you don't want to miss this! Now with their brand new highly anticipated album release, "Nova Rex: Rock Star Roadshow" hitting the airwaves, NOVA REX brings the ultimate rock show to you!


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