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KRYPTOS Stream New Track "Red Dawn"

Bangalore-based '80s inspired old school heavy metal band, Kryptos, will release their new album, Afterburner, worldwide on June 21st via AFM Records. New track, "Red Dawn", is streaming below.

Exploding with razor sharp riffs, screaming solos and rapid fire twin guitar attacks, Afterburner proudly follows in the best traditions of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept and Thin Lizzy.

Neon outlaws, extraterrestrial infiltration, vampire biker gangs, witchcraft and sorcery - if there's one thing you can be damn sure of it's that this record will take you on a one-way ride through everything that made the ‘80s so limitless and electrifying. And the spirit of the ‘80s is certainly alive and well in the stunning, retro-drenched, Painkiller-meets-Masters Of The Universe album sleeve designed by the inimitable Bill Hauser.

Mixed and mastered once again by Anupam Roy, Afterburner is just the album you need to shut out the rest of the world and go back to a time when real heavy metal ruled the airwaves.

You won't have to wait long to bang your heads to these new tunes either. Kryptos will be hitting Europe in the summer of 2019, so wear those leather jackets and mullets with pride, grab some beer and get ready to rage like never before.


"Afterburner" "Cold Blood" "Dead Of Night" "Red Dawn" "On The Run" "The Crimson Queen" "Mach Speed Running" "Into The Wind"

"Red Dawn":

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