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Former GREAT WHITE Singers JACK RUSSELL And TERRY ILOUS Perform 'House of Broken Love'

Former GREAT WHITE singers Jack Russell and Terry Ilous teamed up over the weekend to perform one of the band's classic songs.

During Saturday's (April 27) JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE concert at The Canyon Santa Clarita in Valencia, California, the original GREAT WHITE singer invited his successor Ilous to join him on stage for a rendition of their former band's song "House Of Broken Love".

Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be seen below (courtesy of Michael Eskenazi).

Ilous wrote after the show: "Saturday I was invited by Jack Russell / JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE to attend his show at The Canyon Santa Clarita. I was surprised and humbled that they asked me up on stage for a bit of 'House Of Broken Love'. While many have assumed negativity between us in the past, I was brought on after Jack had been let go, and in fact we never held any ill will towards each other. Jack is the real deal, one of the founding members, and the voice of GREAT WHITE. I am grateful to Jack, GREAT WHITE, and the fans for all your support while I was in the band."

Jack responded in his own post: "Thank you, Terry Ilous, for the kind words! It was our pleasure!"


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