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JANET GARDNER Former Frontwoman of Vixen To Release 'Your Place In The Sun'

Janet Gardner, former frontwoman of Vixen, is back with her sophomore solo album, Your Place In The Sun. The album is set for a global release on May 31, via Pavement Entertainment, and available for pre-order now.

Teaming up with guitarist/songwriter/producer Justin James, this new release is the perfect follow-up to the self-titled debut. Your Place In The Sun combines modern rock elements with the classic sound Janet has become known for in her decades of female fronted and influential fury.

Your Place In The Sun is available for pre-order now. Pre-ordering the album gives fans an offering of what's to come, as it includes the instant grat track "Your Place In The Sun". In addition to the digital pre-order, the duo is offering a pre-order bundle, which includes a signed CD and handwritten note from Janet and Justin, which will be sealed with a lipstick kiss from Janet.


"Your Place In The Sun" "Assassinate" "Standing" "Try" "Web" "Kicks Me Back" "A Way To Your Heart" "Should Have Known" "Unconditionally" "You Said" "Without You" "Flame Thrower"

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