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N'TRIBE Feat. ROYAL HUNT Members: 'Root'n' Branch' Debut EP Out Now

April 19, 2019

Modern classic rock outfit N’Tribe have released their debut EP “Root'n' Branch” today via NorthPoint Productions. Track listing: Staring Down the Barrel ⋆ Down On My Knees ⋆ What Goes Around Comes Around ⋆ Paint It Black. 

Official video - 

 N´TRIBE (yes, short for the Nordic Tribe) is a living & kicking proof that rock is not dead. This new band´s been founded in 2018 by three highly esteemed professionals – ANDRÉ ANDERSEN, JONAS LARSEN, HENRIK BROCKMANN – initially bonded through their original band ROYAL HUNT; all participated in numerous bands/projects, all received various accolades from the industry, sold tons of albums and toured the world countless times.


ounded in 2018 by these three old-time friends and top-notch professionals: ANDRÉ ANDERSEN, JONAS LARSEN and HENRIK BROCKMANN – all mated through their original band ROYAL HUNT.

In the spring of 2018 the label asked the guys to get together and re-record one of the original/unreleased songs from ROYAL HUNT´s debut album (for the re-issue of the classic) and they had so much fun doing it that – all of the sudden – the idea of N'TRIBE was born. All of the guys are huge fans of those “70´s Golden Years” yet very well aware of the fact that it´s 2018 outside… so to unite these two things was the main goal from the start.

Their idea behind N´TRIBE is relatively simple:

- Take the vibe of “classic rock” and make it sound contemporary
- Get the best team around
- Record the hardest hitting album possible
- Get behind it 100% and bring the music on the road
- Repeat p. 3 & 4

With some significant help from their Scandinavian musician-friends (all as competent and dedicated as our trio) the album is about to be recorded, artwork agreed on, first video is out and a lyric video is under construction, some selected shows for the forthcoming spring/summer is about to get settled, PR/web crew is on fire so what are we waiting for?! Get on board and let´s go!

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