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Wolf Jaw (formerly The Bad Flowers) release latest single ‘I Lose My Mind’

When West Midlands blues rockers The Bad Flowers released their debut album ‘Starting Gun’ in February 2018, the trio quickly rose to become one of the most electrifying blues-rock outfits to emerge from the UK scene in recent history. Prompting high praise from all angles, the band laid waste to a large number of live dates and festivals with a memorable array of raunchy riffs, passionate lyrics and awe-inspiring energy.

Tom Leighton, Dale Tonks and Karl Selickis undoubtedly left their mark on the UK rock scene as The Bad Flowers, yet despite gaining reputation for harboring an unmatched display of powerful rock ‘n’ roll grit – both on stage and through stereo speakers – the band needed to evolve…to become something bigger.

Emerging into 2019 with a brand new identity and a renewed sense of purpose, Wolf Jaw personify their namesake with a crushing vice of piercing teeth and a grizzly rock ‘n’ roll snarl – a beast with bark as bad as bite!

“Our change of name is a reflection of the new sound that we’re striving to create”, comments Leighton. “We’re going more dirty, gritty and hard-hitting. We felt now was the right time to evolve our sound and go for something even bigger. We’ve been working hard writing songs for a new record and this new identity has given us a new lease of life. We can’t wait to share this music with the world!”

Introducing fans and newcomers alike to their sonic development, The Cannock crusaders seek to thrill and enthrall once more with the release of the first single under their new identity – the thunderous riffs and shout-worthy chorus of ‘I Lose My Mind’ will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on fans as an early taste of Wolf Jaw’s as-yet-unnamed sophomore studio album.

“I Lose My Mind’ is the first statement of intent. This track was written really quickly, with only one rehearsal before we took to the studio, where our goal was to create these mammoth-sounding, nasty guitar riffs and a pounding rhythm section. Lyrically it’s dark and meaningful, driven by a sense of confusion mixed with anger and angst. This song is very personal to me, and shows some of the internal struggles I have faced during the past year, but I think we all experience moments where our world gets flipped on its head and you don’t really know where to turn. We’re all human, we all lose it sometimes and that’s what this single is all about – that feeling that you just need to let it all out.”

If the fresh taste of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion presented in ‘I Lose My Mind’ wasn’t enough to get fans salivating with excitement, Wolf Jaw have also been announced as performers of Download Festival 2019’s Dogtooth Stage later this year!

The trio are understandably excited to be invited to perform at a festival that they themselves have attended as humble music fans…

“We’re absolutely stoked to be playing Download! Donnington is the Mecca in the UK for rock and metal so to be playing there as part of Download festival is a tick off the bucket list. Rest assured we’ll be bringing our absolute AAA game!”

A new name, a new single and a slot at one of the UK’s biggest rock festivals? 2019 might just be the year of the Wolf!


Friday 5th April – Tivoli Venue, North Wales Saturday 4th May – Teddy Rocks Festival (Vocalzone Stage) Sunday 16th June – Download Festival (Dogtooth Stage) Friday 19th July – Amplified Festival (Red Stripe Stage) Sunday 25th August – Rockwich Festival


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