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AMERICAN JETSET release new single “This Ain’t Hollywood” available for free download

The way the Jetset boys see it, the world is fed up with social media and politics, and what it really needs is a rock & roll comeback.

DOWNLOAD "THIS AIN'T HOLLYWOOD" NOW @ ON TOUR NOW. Look for us coast to coast with Faster Pussycat, Great White, Bang Tango, The 69 Eyes, Every Mother's Nightmare, Kickin Valentina, and Babylon Shakes!

American Jetset is

Ian Kaine MacGregor (Vox/Gtr)

Lance Reeder (Gtr/Vox)

Kevin Harrington (Bass/Sax/Vox)

Jeff Bradford (Drums).

"This Ain't Hollywood" was produced, mixed, and mastered by Ian Kaine MacGregor at Firefly Studios / Reston, VA.

Find us online,


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