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StOp sToP! 'Get Selfied' Album Review

“StOp,sToP! is an energy-fuelled "Metal & Roll" band, categorized as one of the most exciting and entertaining live bands nowadays.

After touring all over the world, emerging from the dirtiest rock clubs to perform the coolest festivals and three albums releases in the last years, StOp,sToP! faces 2019 with a new tour and a brand new album to keep the craziness going!

Kicking off "Get Selfied" is the high energy, balls out rocker "Renegade" a great way to get things started and the fun is just getting started.

Following up a great lead off track is the bands latest single/video "The Last Call" a fun, infectious throw back to 80's era sunset strip rock n roll.

"On the Redline" another rocker featuring some killer drumming, a cool chorus; an all around kick ass tune!

"You Drive Me Loco" my favorite track on "Get Selfied", great background vocals, excellent guitar work and it's catchy as all hell, better yet it's amazing!

"Keyboard Warrior" we've all run across some asshole like this since the invention of the internet, just listen to the song it says it all (Keyboard Warrior he's the king of the fools).

"Trending Topic" another commentary on today's social media and all the fake little perfect people out there. A bit of a different groove to this one almost a Love/Hate type vibe.

One thing that's apparent throughout "Get Selfied" is that StOp sToP grew up on 80's bands like Motley Crue, Ratt, Warrant, Love/Hate etc and they know how to write catchy, infectious rock n roll songs. If you're looking for a new 80's inspired rock band then look no further than StOp sToP!

Tracks 01. Renegade 02. The Last Call 03. Bite The Bully 04. One The Red Line 05. Living A Lie 06. You Drive Me Loco 07. Keyboard Warrior 08. Whiner Doll 09. Son Of A Beast 10. Have It 11. Trending Topic 12. You’re Rock & Roll

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