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Alice Cooper guitarist RYAN ROXIE Presents "Look Me In The Eye" Lyric Video

Look Me In The Eye - From the Ryan Roxie solo album 'Imagine Your Reality'. Available at fine record stores everywhere including these links - Vinyl - CDs -

We call this the 'Subliminal Music Video'. Footage shot by famed Swedish videographer Anton Korberg and then twisted, manipulated and edited every which way by our very own Gustav Kronfelt....look for all the 'subliminal' messages showing up in all the right (and wrong) places....hint: 'It was a very good year' ;) Dark and moody guitar riffs collide with indie-rock flare in this Oasis-esque rocker. Look Me In The Eye was produced by Kristoffer Folin at Purple Skull Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. Guitars hit you from all angles as it twists and turns it's way through lyrics that shout out in defiance but still offer hope at the end of the day. Roxie is able to keep both the guitars and vocals reined in until the crescendoing finale where both are released and set free. Look Me In The Eye is the 7th song released off of the 'Imagine Your Reality' album. Big Rock Show, God Put a Smile on Your Face, Me Generation, To Live and Die in L.A. , Over and Done, and the summertime classic California Man can all be checked out on YouTube

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