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Vinnie Moore and Tony MacAlpine to team up for shows Los Angeles and Tokyo

Vinnie Moore, the legendary virtuoso guitar player, is on tour with UFO now. Vinnie is a member of UFO since 2002 when Michael Schenker left the band. The band with Vinnie Moore released 6 albums: You Are Here (2003), The Monkey Puzzle (2006), The Visitor (2009), Seven Deadly (2012), A Conspiracy of Stars (2015) and The Salentino Cuts (2017), a cover album. He is one of the greatest guitar players who appeared from the virtuoso boom in the eighties. Vinnie is also famous as a solo artist and released 8 solo albums. Vinnie Moore were playing in clubs and bars when Mike Varney from Shrapnel Records discovered him via a demo and bio that Vinnie submitted to the Spotlight column, which Varney headed for Guitar Player Magazine. His connection to Varney led to an opportunity to appear in a Pepsi commercial in 1985, (only Vinnie’s hands appeared in the commercial as his guitar playing is heard). Next, Moore recorded his first solo album, Mind’s Eye in 1986, released on Shrapnel Records and featured Tony MacAlpine on keyboards. The album received several awards from guitar magazines and sold over 100,000 copies.

In 2019, Vinnie Moore played a guitar solo on the new Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess album “Wired For Madness“ which will be out on April 19.

Vinnie Moore will also team up with Tony MacAlpine for special shows in LA and Japan in late May this year.


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