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ALDO NOVA releases new video for 'I'm A Survivor'

Well the day has finally come and it’s a day that has a lot of meaning to me, it’s April 1st 2019, the 37th anniversary to the day of the release of my 1st album entitled Aldo Nova and the reason why I made 2.0 and for a lot of you that know me, this’ll let you know that I’m back and stronger than ever before and that I’m still doing everything 500% for my fans and for those of you that are just discovering me, a chance to see an artist who doesn’t follow the rules, puts his fans 1st and always and will always give 500% to go the extra mile.

There’s so many people to thank but 1st and foremost I’d like to thank God because I’ve been to hell and back and I’m still here stronger than ever and that makes me one of the lucky ones

2) I’d like to give an extra special thanks to my Director/Editor Christian Jacques who literally saved this entire video project and like a magician turned a lump of coal into a diamond. Just like I can bend sound to my will, he can do the same with visuals.

Pierre E Roy for the lighting design My band, Michel Bruno-(Guitar)-Timothy Gaines-(Bass)-Sebastien Cloutier-(Keyboards) and last but not least Billy Carmassi-(Drums. he’s been in every single one of my videos since Fantasy) James St. laurent: Photography, JoHanne Doyon: makeup and Francis Guigere from Omnison for the stage and lighting.

Enjoy and got buy yourself a copy of 2.0, you won’t regret it. Aldo Nova

You can watch the video on Aldo Nov'a FB Page HERE

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