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EXXOCET release lyric video for 'Alive'

Exxocet has released a new lyric video for the song "Alive". The band had the following to say:

This time it's the turn to show you the official version of a song very dear for us and those around

As we started the recordings of our second album "Mighty Jungle", we decided that alive could not stay out of the great and exhaustive recording process we had, so we decided to take it back and record it again fromCreated by exocet, recorded by Pancho Arenas, mixed by Javier A Bassino and mastered by Pepe Lastarria, we faithfully believe that this version of "alive" will blow your head as it did to us First time we heard it.Accompanied by his lyric video, which collects photos from various concerts, we leave this preview of our second album, so that they get familiar with the sound we got for this next lp and so wait with even more desire their departure Cause you make us feel ALIVE.Enjoy

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